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"If you feel unhappy, or stuck with one or more areas of your life and want to overcome your challenges with coaching and subconscious work - Tatjana is the one for you!"

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Kristyna samitz | certified hypnotherapist | AUSTRIA

"Thanks to Tatjana's coaching, powerful tools and wisdom I realized a lot about myself and became aware of some of the blocks I had. She helped me to reconnect with my most powerful self. I now have a bigger vision for my life that feels so exciting. Thank you Tatjana!"

"The best investment that I have ever made for myself. Tatjana's Coaching grew my confidence back and overcame my imposter syndrome, and gave me the courage to follow my dreams and start my business. I found back to myself and my purpose and feel more alive."

Josefine | founder of | SWEDEN

"I experienced the true joy of knowing my significance. I gained confidence and self-respect. Since childhood, I have had a feeling of inferiority that affected my family relationships. Now I accept and give love unconditionally"

Sofia Karlsson | SWEDEN

"Since my session I've noticed incredible changes in many aspects of my life. It was definitely a life-changing experience. I felt empowered, and my respect and appreciation for myself increased exponentially." 

Yaman Halloum | Marketing Manager at GRS Group | GERMANY

"Thank you Tatjana for healing another layer of myself. You made me understand that I have the tools to change my own life in the best way possible. I felt an instant relief in understanding the root cause of my issue. You allowed me the space to transmute past feelings and provided with useful insight and wisdom."


"Tatjana pinpointed my specific issues. The hypnosis felt like going on a mystical and safe journey in my subconscious. Tatjana is confident and knows what she is talking about. After 21 days, I established new patterns so it's sustainable for your life ahead. It's a journey and experience that is worth doing!"

Ann-Catrine Nordberg | Founder Den Inre Akademin | SWEDEN

"Tatjana helped me to really understand the root cause of my problem and afterwards I became much more motivated to pursue my projects and goals, that I have been struggled with before. I am very grateful to her."


"Tatjana was a great listener and has a very gentle and supportive demeanor which made me trust her deeply. She really took her time to identify the issues that I was facing. That's why our RTT sessions worked. I'm very grateful. Highly recommended"

Vicky V. | Transformative Life & Health Coach | UK

"Tatjana was impeccably professional, and helped me to connecting all the dots and seeing the whole picture, with the cause and the outcome. I’m very happy and grateful for having opportunity to work with Tatjana."

Anna G. | sweden

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